iTrac Spine Remodeling System

Correct Forward Head Posture and Restore Normal Cervical Curvature with the iTrac

iTrac® is the only computerized system currently available delivering gentle, effective extension traction therapy. Forward Head Posture (FHP) is arguably the most common abnormal posture seen in both clinical practice and in the general population. Cervicogenic conditions including headaches, neck pain, migraines, upper back pain, TMJ disorders and shoulder dysfunction are some of the most common symptoms associated with FHP and are rapidly becoming prevalent among all age demographics due in large part to our increasing use of hand-held digital devices.



Jarrod_Nichols.pngMore than ten years of research and development by industry expert Dr. Jarrod Nichols went into the system software and hardware design, with a focus on advanced technology and effective, measurable and consistent structural correction, increasing the standards for cervical curve restoration.