ErgoStyle™ HYLO Adjusting Table

HYLO-2013-2-New-Head-Piece-1The ErgoStyle™ HYLO reinvents today's adjusting table with numerous upgradeable features. Our base table expands your practice with its advanced tilt mechanism, featuring a controlled safety system and constant tilt speed. Upgrade your options by adding power chest and pelvic extension (extends 14.5") with single side control; our patented, free-falling Accelerator™ III Manual Cocking Drops (Patent# 6,679,905); foot controls; and super silent air compressor options.

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"We decided to purchase a Pivotal HYLO table through Hockert Sales and have been over the top satisfied from day one! We love the ability of the table to go fully upright to accommodate all types of patients. With the table having the ability to go from upright to flat affords us the opportunity to care for the acute type of patients. In comparison to any other table I have used in over 20 years of practice this table is #1! Having this table has helped grow my practice by giving me the flexibility to treat acute and elderly patients without having them “climb” onto a table. As a result of seeing these types of patients they have commented how much they appreciate me having this option for them. I would suggest every office offer a HYLO table from Pivotal Health."  David Timmerman, D.C. Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness, P.C.