ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Gen II Adjusting Table


ES2000-Tradeflex-Base-NewThe ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Gen II takes the table you know one step further, with smooth electric elevation and easy upgrades so you can customize your table to your practice setting. Our patented ErgoStyle drop elevates across the entire cushion, rather than a single pin, allowing for improved accuracy and a smoother adjustment with less force--for less stress on you and your patient. It's also fully modular, allowing for easy modifications and upgrades in the field, both now or later as your techniques and practice grow.

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 Build your ES2000   Adjusting Table GENII 



Chiropractic Clinic image ES2000"The ES2000s are the most comfortable tables we've used for our practice members. The elevation mechanism is smooth and silent and the sections are easily moveable for drop work or breakaway for our pregnant practice members. We can't thank you enough for these good looking tables!"  Drs. Kelly and Lucas Amorose | Amorose Family Chiropractic


DrBradCole"I really appreciate the science that PHS Chiropractic puts behind designing quality tables. I use the ES2000 every single day in my practice, and the fact that it has an elevation component allows me to drop someone low for certain manipulation techniques or to raise them high for soft tissue techniques and for examinations. It's very, very versatile-and that's something that clinicians should consider when they're buying a table because, if they're like most, they're treating a variety of issues for a variety of people. Often, patients feel more comfortable and stable on it too because it is wider than other tables. After two years and thousands of patient exams, it continues to perform very nicely."  Bradford J. Cole, D.C., MS, CSCS | Cole Pain Therapy Group