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Is Your Table in Tip-Top Shape?

Maintaining the most valuable piece of equipment in your practice is crucial to you, your patients and your practice. Ignoring the maintenance to your table can cause seriously expensive issues. Lengthen the life of your table by keeping it in tip-top shape. This blog by Tammy White, PHS's Service & Warranty Representative, will walk you through to ensure your table is always functioning its best. 

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Your ES2000 Table: How To's &  Maintenance

The ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Gen II takes the table you know and love one step further, with smooth, electric elevation and easy upgrades to customize your practice setting. A short video series by PHS's Service & Warranty Representative, "Your ES2000 Table: How To's & Maintenance" will walk you through how to properly work and maintain your table. 

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Drop Tables: They Make Sense!

The drop table is becoming standard in most chiropractors’ offices. Tables such as pin-drop tables and PHS Chiropractic’s ErgoStyle Drops Tables are changing the way chiropractors perform adjustments. Here is a blog on drop tables history, why they work, and why YOU should use one in your practice. 

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